PBX External Call System

EASIIO PBX outbound call system is a smart call center systems that can be used with any existing

SIP based PBX (On-premise or Cloud PBX). It added the smart call center capability to existing PBX (on-prem or cloud

based). It supports the functions of power dialer, auto play recorded voice file, voice broadcast, multi-channel concurrent calls, customer data

management, call record, call statistics, telephone transfer, multi-party call, recording, telephone conference and so on.

Outbound smart dialer provides you a more convenient call.
If you already have a PBX installed in your company, you can add our free application and use our outbound smart dialer features to improve your efficiency and better manage your outbound sales team. It consists of free powerful SIP client and cloud service that provide the support for many call center features.
Outbound smart dialer
Bulk import
Intelligent Call
Call Management
Customer management
Historical records
IVR broadcast
EasiioSIP is a software-based PBX end point and supporting service.
It provides a complete unified communication solution.
Support for most mainstream PBX integration, easy to use, one-click installation, batch management calls, smart voice playback, answering calls from mobile phones, IP phones or soft phones, is a portable office and call center extension Free to use for basic features.
Application scenarios