Why choose Easiio?
Fast delivery
SMS fast delivery
Email and voice mail
High concurrency
SMS virtual number
Send SMS use virtual number
Customized service
Professional team
Delivery statistics
Send content control
Send data analysis
Send record query
Customer management
Customer upload
Manage customer list
Customer statistics
Attentive service
Professional customer experience
After-sale quality assurance
Clear division of labor
Data Security
Regular data cleaning
Information security
Data encryption
Core product introduction
Three different ways to solve your volume messages delivery need
Reach Out
SMS Marketing

Upload your list, write your text message, schedule a time and hit START. That’s all it takes to have your reminders, promotions, event invites and discounts reach your audience via their mobile phone. You can receive and handle the replies easily and timely.

Email Support
Email Notifier

After uploading the customer email list, you can send email in batch. Email content can be easily edited, supporting text, pictures, videos and other content editing. You can easily check the success rate of sending and check the status of the email, such as whether it has been read or not.

Reminders To Act
Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcasting feature will call a list of contacts and play your message when the person or the answering machine answer the phone. You can choose to broadcast a different message when an answering machine answers the phone. It is very easy to use voice broadcasting to drive new business or sell your products and services.